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  April 2004 Calendar  


April 1: Greg Johnson's 28th Birthday, Cynthia Clark's Birthday, and Rita Cash's 55th Birthday

April 2: Dick and Ann Rice's 3rd Anniversary

April 3: Ryan Murphy's 2nd Birthday & Dan Williams 51th Birthday

April 5: Vincent Murphy's 2nd Birthday

April 9: Jessica Murphy's 18th Birthday

April 10: 5 Ed and Leslie Murphy's 5th Anniversary & Patrick and Julie Murphy's 11th Anniversary

April 11: Michael and Tracy Barkley's 17th Anniversary

April 12: Charles Cash's 63rd Birthday

April 17: Steven and Nancy Jean Kelly Di Vito's Wedding Day

April 20: Joseph Worthington's 37th Birthday

April 24: George Lane's 76th Birthday & Alene Bastin's 83rd Birthday

April 29: Daniel and Judy Murphy Williams 16th Anniversary

April 30: Ben Galanti's 29th Birthday, Tim Bastin's 41st Birthday, & Dennis and Janet Kelly Murphy's 10th Anniversary