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Current Family Calendar

Candy Cane  December 2003 Calendar  Candy Cane

December 2003 =========================================================================

December 3: Joseph Matthew FRANK's 34th Birthday and Jim Evers's 65th Birthday

December 5: Kristen Ann Kelly's 9th Birthday and Tracy Lee Johnson Barkley's 35th Birthday

December 7: Phyllis Jane Bastin's 63rd Birthday

December 8: Trisha Murphy's 9th Birthday

December 9: Anitra Marie Ambriz Winn's 20th Birthday

December 10: Bobby Murphy's 33rd Birthday and Kathy Singleton Bastin's 53rd Birthday

December 11: Christopher Paul Shilts 19th Birthday and Julie Clark Clare's 45th Birthday

December 12: Dan Galanti's 32nd Birthday and Ted Hughes' 35th Birthday

December 15: Jean Galanti's 61st Birthday

December 18: Renee Marie Williams's 28th Birthday, Janet Ever's 61st Birthday, Lowell and Barb Murphy's 25th Wedding Anniversay

December 19: Kira Anne Murphy's 11th Birthday

December 21: Brenda Paxton's 55th Birthday

December 23: James Robert Kelly's 24th Birthday

December 24: Aidan Sontag's 2nd Birthday

December 30: Andy Murphy's 10th Birthday

January 4th, 2004: Murphy Family Christmas get together at Carolyn Long's House from 1 pm until 5 or whenever. Please bring a $20 Christmas gift for the gift exchange.