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Happy Valentine's Day  February 2004 Calendar  Happy Valentine's Day


February 1: Rob Wermuth's 37th Birthday and Beverly Drusen's 61st Birthday

February 5: Andrea Lipp's 31st Birthday

February 7: Erica Tomes' 3rd Birthday and Pat Clare's 52nd Birthday

February 8: Becky Tomes' 35th Birthday

February 10: Anna Murphy's 2nd Birthday, Garryd Buis's 25th Birthday, and Rachelle Clark's 25th Birthday

February 11: Roy Board's 62nd Birthday

February 14: Sabrina Erin Hannah Johnson's 33rd Birthday, Don Hughes' 59th Birthday, and Viola Tinney's 83rd Birthday

February 16: Patrick Murphy's 36th Birthday

February 19: Tyler Mill's 10th Birthday, Julie Cummins Murphy's 32nd Birthday, Gary & Pamela Buis' 27th Wedding Anniversary

February 20: Ottis Hannah's 83rd Birthday

February 21: Alex Galanti's 2nd Birthday

February 22: Jennifer McEllhiney Murphy's 27th Birthday and Jim Clark's 49th Birthday

February 23: Kevin Worthington's 39th Birthday, Connie James Hannah's 58th Birthday, and Ollie Walls Wilson's 87th Birthday

February 26th: Audrey Bastin's 38th Birthday and Hilma Bastin's 83rd Birthday