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Happy New Year  January 2004 Calendar  Happy New Year


January 2: Travis Fisher's 22nd Birthday and Richard & Pauline Clark's 50th Wedding Anniversary

January 7: Chrissy Murphy's 38th Birthday and Charles Haron Johnson's 83rd Birthday

January 8: Robbie Tomes 1st Birthday and Tim Hughes 36th Birthday

January 11: Diedre Leanne Bastin's 15th Birthday and Margie Smith's 40th Birthday

January 12: Molly Sue Richardson Murphy's 33 Birthday and Pauline Farrell Clarks' 73rd Birthday and Llywelyn and Rachelle Clark's 4th Wedding Anniversary

January 14: Shuana Murphy's 31st Birthday

January 21: Megan Hughes's 12th Birthday

January 22: Vicki Lynn Shilts's 40th Birthday

January 23: Celine Ferrell's 72nd Birthday

January 25: Larry and Beverly Drusen's 40th Wedding Anniversary

January 30: Kerry and Beverly Murphy's 39th Wedding Anniversary and Jim and Janet Ever's 42nd Wedding Anniversary