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Bird house  June 2004 Calendar  Bird house


June 1: Chris Tomes' 35th Birthday and Charles & Amy Long's 2nd Anniversary

June 2: Kerry Johnson's 39th Birthday

June 3: Marni Johnson's 27th Birthday and Michael Barkley's 37th Birthday

June 5: Chip Shilts' 39th Birthday

June 6: Jeff& Shellie Murphy's 3rd Weddings Anniversary

June 7: Brian Murphy's 38th Birthday

June 9: Susan Clark's 47th Birthday and Chip & Vicki Shilts' 14th Wedding Anniversary

June 11: Arlene Murphy's 61st Birthday and Nancy Bastin's 63rd Birthday and Bob & Shauna Murphy's 10th Wedding Anniversary

June 12: Kelly & Jennifer Murphy's 5 Wedding Anniversary

June 14: Delany Murphy's 7th Birthday

June 15: Tyler Dohrn Murphy's 11th Birthday

June 17: Robin Murphy's 49th Birthday and Steve Grieger's 52nd Birthday

June 18: Jen Worthington's 35th Birthday and Deanna Sontag's 47th Birthday and Doug & Deanna Sontag's 17th anniversary

June 20: Daphne Firestone's 68th Birthday

June 22: Jacala Hoffman's 22nd Birthday

June 24: Don Bastin's 58th Birthday

June 25: Red Ashby's 31st Birthday and Jeff & Audrey Bastin's 19th Anniversary

June 26: Michael and Molly Murphy's 11th Anniversary

June 27: Murphy Family Reunion - For Information Click Reunion Invitation

June 29: Wilbur & Ethelene Johnson's 63rd Anniversary

June 30: Ed Murphy, Jr's 29th Birthday and Nina Galanti's 34th Birthday