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Happy St. Patrick's Day  March 2004 Calendar  Happy St. Patrick's Day


March 1: Tom Kelly's 66th Birthday

March 4: Glynn Adams Johnson's 58th Birthday & Harold Wayne Bastin's 61st Birthday

March 5: Gene Worthington's 63rd Birthday

March 6: Heather Lea Sontag's 31st Birthday

March 8: Aaron Elijah Lowell Murphy's 30th Birthday & Carol Jean Mason's 43rd Birthday

March 9: Nick Sontag's 24th Birthday

March 11: Cookie Unlaud Johnson's 56'th Birthday, Kerry Curtis Murphy's 59th Birthday, & Martin John and Bonnie Lee Hughes Kelly's 15th Anniversary

March 13: Michael John Wermuth's 8th Birthday and Joe Murphy's 17th Birthday

March 14: Stephen Eric Winn's 26th Birthday, Stewart Shawn Bastin's 30th Birthday, & Larry Kenneth Johnson Jr. 33rd Birthday

March 15: Carolyn Long's 60th Birthday

March 16: C D Sims JR 86th Birthday

March 22: Jeffery Allen Bastin's 38th Birthday, Ed Murphy's 62nd Birthday, & Carol Jean Bastin Sims' 67th Birthday

March 23: Ethelene Johnson's 77th Birthday & Dwight and Robin Sontag's 31st Anniversary

March 24: Braylin Eric Winn's BIRTH day!!,Stephanie Lois Worthington Kirby's 34th Birthday, and William Ethridge and Hilma Donaldson Bastin's 59th Anniversary

March 27: Alicia Nicole Tomlinson's 20th Birthday

March 31: Catherine Grace Benedicta Galanti's 1st Birthday & David Owen Murphy's 55th Birthday