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May 2: 7 Allison Catherine Murphy's 7th Birthday & Tim and Renee Hughes' 12th Wedding Anniversary

May 4: Michael Kerry Murphy'S 39TH Birthday

May 6: Stacy Elaine Hannah Johnson's 36th Birthday & Ann Strolia Kelly Rice's 64th Birthday

May 8: James and Cynthia Clark's 29th Wedding Anniversary

May 10: Kevin and Jennifer Worthington's 6th Wedding Anniversary

May 11: Josh Hughes's 23rd Birthday

May 12: Nessa Nichole Sontag's BIRTH day!!; and Karen Johnson Frank's 37th Birthday and Rob & Michelle Wermuth's 14th Anniversary

May 13: Amy Celeste Martin Murphy's 31st Birthday and Charlie Johnson's 61st Birthday

May 17: Michelle Wermuth's 35th Birthday

May 18: Devin Murphy's 3rd Birthday and Rick Clark's 74th Birthday and Kay Minges' 85th Birthday

May 20: Cameron & Heather Sontag's 9th Wedding Anniversary

May 21: Judy Johnson's 57th Birthday and Charles & Charletta Johnson's 38th Wedding Anniversary

May 23: Dixie Bingham's 49th Birthday

May 24: Chris & Becky Tomes' 7th Wedding Anniversary and John & Carolyn Long's 30th Wedding Anniversary

May 25: Courtney Bingham's 27th Birthday and Stephen & Anitra Winn's 2nd Wedding Anniversary

May 28: Suzy Kelly Ashby's 29th Birthday

May 29: Neil Johnson's 35th Birthday